How do I access my online training course?


How do I take my online class?  How do I login to GPSTC Online Learning?


Once logged into GPSTC Access, follow the steps below to navigate to your online training course.

  1. From the Dashboard page, there are two ways to navigate to access online training.

    1. First Method: Click the gray bar with the dropdown arrow to display your online classes. Click "Access Online Training" next to the online training course you wish to access.


    2. Second Method: Click "Your Online Classes" found in the column on the left side.


    3. Click "Access Online Training" next to the online training course you wish to access. This page will display any online classes you are registered for.


  2. Once you have accessed your online training, your screen may look like the following. If so, read the information provided and make your selections to continue to the course.


  3. However, your screen may also look like the following. This will depend on the specific course you register for. If so, the course name should appear under "Course Overview" in the middle of your Dashboard. Click the course name to continue to your online training. 



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