How do I add students to my agency roster?


How do I add my employees so they can take training?


Follow the steps below to directly add students or your employees to your agency's roster on the GPSTC website.  If your employee has submitted a request to join your roster, follow the directions found here instead.

  1. Click on the GPSTC Access tab at the top right of the GPSTC website, If you don't have an account, please click here for further instructions.

  2. Login with your GPSTC ID and Password.

  3. Select Agency Roster from the menu located on the left. If you don't see Agency Roster as a menu option, you are not the administrator of this agency.  You will need to verify you have the correct agency selected or add yourself as an agency administrator.

  4. On the Agency Roster page, select the Add To Roster link.

  5. On the Student Search page, you will be able to use the student's information to locate them in the system. You must enter at least two fields.  If you are having trouble locating the student, leave off the date of birth.

  6. If the student was located, click "Add" beside the student's name.  If you have questions about the "Add As" section, see 

  7. If the student cannot be found, click the "Student not listed?" link and enter the student's full information.  Completing this form will add the student to the system and to your agency's roster.
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