How do I approve students to be on my roster?


I have students waiting on me to approve them on the roster, how do I get started?  I got an email about approving my employee to be on our agency's roster.  Where do I go to approve students to be on my agency's roster?


Follow the steps below to approve your students or your employees to your agency's roster on the GPSTC website.  If your employee has not submitted a request to join your roster, you can add them manually by following the directions found here.

  1. Click on the GPSTC Access tab at the top right of the GPSTC website, If you don't have an account, please click here for further instructions.

  2. Login with your GPSTC ID and Password.

  3. If your student has submitted a request to be added to your Agency Roster, their approval will appear on the Approvals bar which is on the Dashboard page.  Click the arrow on the Approvals bar and it will open to show the request(s) that are pending approval. If you don't see an approval, you either need to select the right agency or add the student to the roster manually.

  4. Based on the request, you can choose to approve the student to be on the roster or deny the request. The student will receive a confirmation email once you approve or deny the request.

  5. Once you click approve, you should see a success message.  After clicking the 'Ok' button, the agency roster request should go away and the student will automatically appear on your agency's roster.

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